Are Facebook Promoted Posts Worth It?

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Are Facebook Promoted Posts Worth It?


fb_facebook-connectionsFor people in the local social media marketing industry, Facebook has become less about your company’s fan page and more about advertising. That’s because more companies are finding ways to connect with Facebook’s billion users. Although many businesses have maintained Facebook pages for some time, it might be time to reach out to wider audience through Promoted Posts.

How Do Promoted Posts Work?

Facebook offers several advertising options for businesses, but Promoted Posts are one of the most effective ad types. More small businesses are turning to Promoted Posts, which is a sign that it’s working for them. You can use your business’s Facebook fan page to connect with your current followers, but Promoted Posts reaches a much wider audience. In fact, less than 20 percent of a company’s fans see your posts in their news feeds, which is where most Facebook users spend the majority of time.

Promoted Posts can be targeted to people who are likely to be interested in your company’s products or services. The targeting options for Promoted Posts are endless! You can target based on everything from age and gender to interests and location.

Boost Your Post

When you create a Promoted Post, Facebook gives you the opportunity to boost your post, which means that your ad will be visible to more people. This comes with a price, but you choose the amount of money that you want to add to your Promoted Post. We suggest ten dollars a day to start, and if it’s working for you, you can choose to raise it to get even more engagement. It’s completely in your hands.

Reach Your Fans’ Friends

Research shows that Facebook users trust their friends’ opinions more than they trust direct advertising. For that reason, Facebook recently added a “friends of fans,” which enables companies to deliver content to all of the friends of their Facebook followers. Be sure to take advantage of this feature, as the friends of your followers could easily become some of your best customers.

See Your Results

We in the local internet marketing industry always want to see results, especially if we’ve put a significant amount of time and money behind our initiatives. Thankfully, Facebook provides a detailed list of how many clicks and impressions your ads have gotten as well as the number of people who have shared your content with their friends. However, you won’t be able to tell from the data if people are likely to purchase your business’s products or services. But if you’ve targeted your Promoted Post effectively, you’ve reached people who are likely to be more engaged with your company.

Is It Worth It?

Although Promoted Posts might seem expensive, in many cases it makes sense for small businesses. When you compare it to the cost of pay-per-click, television commercials, radio advertising, or even billboards, Facebook can help you connect with a specific audience at a relatively low cost.

Chris Marentis

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