How Does the Facebook Lawsuit Affect Your Small Business?

Posted by: Chris Marentis

How Does the Facebook Lawsuit Affect Your Small Business?


You may have recently seen in the news or on your newsfeed that Facebook may owe you money due to a recent class action lawsuit against sponsored stories.  As a small business owner, you may be utilizing this tool and are curious how it’s going to affect you or are concerned about the ethics involved. Well, the good news for you is that it has nothing to do with businesses’ sponsored stories.  The lawsuit is for individuals who were featured as a sponsored story, without their permission.  What happened was Facebook took a user’s likes and turned them into ads that showed up on their friend’s newsfeeds. This violated privacy issues and was an issue when sponsored stories first were released.


We still stick with our original post, and fully support that sponsored stories is a great way for businesses to be promoted on Facebook.  If you think that you might be owed money, you have until May 2nd to submit or remove yourself from the claim.  As of now, it looks like each Facebook user will receive 10 dollars as compensation.  Please do not allow this to impact the way you use Facebook.  At Surefire Social we continually see supporting documentation that Facebook is one of the best social media sites on the market for small businesses.  Sponsored Stories is a great way to reach a much broader audience that you normally couldn’t reach.

Chris Marentis

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