How Contractors Can Market Around Weather Changes

Posted by: Chris Marentis

How Contractors Can Market Around Weather Changes


During the spring and summer months, consumers in many parts of the country are braced for dangerous weather that may cause damage to their homes. For contractors, this could be a valuable opportunity to get your name circulating, by teaching your homeowners how to protect their homes and property.

Even if the storm doesn’t hit—or if it’s not as severe as expected—homeowners will still appreciate the effort your business made to reach out to them during a possible crisis.

Water On Deck

Here are a few ways to create marketing opportunities while you’re facing severe weather forecasts in your area:

Get Blogging

Local contractors can use their blogs to communicate with residents in their area. One great way to help—provide homeowners with a handy set of instructions for preparing their home for a possible storm.

If they have enough time before the storm hits, you might also remind them that they can schedule a pre-storm consultation to help identify any problems that might make the home or commercial property particularly vulnerable to flooding.

Although it may take some time for you to compile this information for your blog post, keep in mind that the bulk of the content can be re-used for future storm seasons. Just update it annually to reflect the current weather threat for your geographic area.

Tap into Social Media

Some of your customers may be more likely to catch your updates on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter than they are to check your blog. When you’re facing an impending storm, it’s important to turn to local social media marketing to let homeowners know that your contractor business is ready for the storm and capable of helping them get through it.

If you’re communicating through your blog as well as social media, make sure to provide your social media users with a link to the blog post on your website that contains more detailed information about protecting their homes or property from possible damage.

Make Sure You’re Ready

After you’ve used your knowledge to help your customers minimize the damage caused by adverse weather, it’s important to be prepared for an increased workload. Many local homeowners may be affected by the weather, and you’ll need to respond quickly to help them. Make sure that you plan for this by adjusting employees’ hours or answering your company phone later at night. If you respond to your customers quickly and professionally after a crisis, they will become loyal to your business.

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