Google Search Plus Your World – What’s the Point?

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Google Search Plus Your World – What’s the Point?


Back in January, Google integrated Google+ with Google Search, making it possible for Google+ users to see Google+ results integrated with ‘regular’ search results when logged in to their Google+ accounts.   When that happened, Google Search Plus Your World was implemented by Google; though hearing some recent conversations and questions, there seems to be some confusion as to what exactly Google Search Plus Your World is and how it works; which prompted me to write this post.


Put simply, Google Search Plus Your World integrates “normal” Google search results with your personal preferences IF you’re logged into your Google + account. In other words, if you are signed in to your Google+ account, Google remembers and integrates what you like and who you follow and brings up “personal results” based on that information when you conduct a Google Search. You’ll see these personal results integrated with your “normal” search results, which can have its benefits, including making it easier to find certain people you’re looking for, and making it easier to add those individuals to your circle directly from your search results (but only if those individuals are on Google+ too).


A couple points to note here for the local business owner:


  • This is a great tool to help you easily and quickly find resources and individuals you want to connect with and already have some sort of relationship with.
  • You want to be careful when looking at Google search ranking placement if you’re logged into your Google+ account because the ranking might not be accurate. In other words, if you’re checking to see where you rank for a specific keyword, and you’re logged into your Google+ account, you’ll likely have a much higher ranking in the search results because your personal preferences are tied into the results. For a more accurate read, check on your keyword rankings when you’re logged out of your Google+ account, or always defer to your keyword analytics tools and experts.
  • It’s a great idea to engage and connect with more people using Google+ because your business will likely be seen more by your Google+ network within their “personal” Google Search results.


Google Search Plus Your World is a cool tool for some who are using Google+ and like to see the added ‘personal’ touch when it comes to search results. It can also help boost your local business’ visibility as noted in bullet point 3 above. Otherwise, it’s not a hugely helpful tool when it comes to local business owners using it from a pure business perspective.

Chris Marentis

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