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    I think one of the deciding factors in answering this question correctly is based on the type of business itself and its goals. Google + is a great place to reach business minded people but I have noticed (my experience is limited on Google +) that it isn’t as social (friend to friend or family to family) as facebook. That being said I think it can be extremely difficult to reach business minded people on facebook who are ready and interested in businesses.

    Does this make sense?


    • Alexandra Reichenbach

      Hi Garrett,

      Thanks for your response. Yes, that does make sense. It’s a great place to promote your business and really establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Make sure you are always posting quality content that people/businesses in your circles will benefit from. Facebook can be used both professionally and personally. If your business has a FB page, that should be used to promote blogs, articles, infographics, press releases- really any type of quality content you’re creating. But, on the other hand, you can also use your Facebook profile to share pictures of family and friends, re-connect with old friends and plan parties and events. Overall, Facebook and Google+ have an impact on your overall online presence and both should be a part of your overall social media marketing campaign.