Google Hangouts Adds New Calling Feature

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Google Hangouts Adds New Calling Feature


For Google users, Hangouts just got even better. Now they’ll be able to make calls from Hangouts, a feature that some Google users became accustomed to with the old Google Chat. The new feature rolled out in a two-day period, so most Google users should be able to make calls now. Phone calls in Hangouts can be particularly useful for people who are trying to invite another person to their Hangout. They can easily give the person a call and ask her to join the Hangout right away. Google makes the process seamless.


Because Google is so large, it’s encouraging to know that it’s responsive to its users’ requests. Since Hangouts replaced Google Chat and its calling capabilities, people have been clamoring for phone calls from Hangouts. However, people don’t necessarily have to make calls from Hangouts; they’re also available from Gmail and Google+. People can also download the Google Chrome extension and use it from there.

Unbeatable Calling Rates

The best part about phone calls in Google Hangouts is that within the United States and Canada, they’re free. Rates for international calls are unheard of, too. For pennies per minute, people can make calls anywhere in the world. Some people may even get rid of their cell phones in favor of the new Google calling service.

What This Means for Businesses

Now that people can make phone calls from Hangouts, they will likely spend more time, well, hanging out in Hangouts. Google seems to be devoting a lot of resources to Hangouts, and it is growing in popularity. For local internet marketing professionals, it may evolve into a powerful marketing tool.

Companies like yours can use Hangouts to establish personal connections with your customers. You could use it for product demonstrations and even for technical support. Because you can host up to 10 people, it may be ideal for hosting small focus groups.

Is Google Hangouts Right for My Business?

It may be worthwhile for your company to check out Google Hangouts. Many of Google’s recent developments, such as Google+, have really taken off in the last several years. However, it’s up to you and your marketing team to determine whether you’ll invest time and possibly money into new online tools. Not everything works for every company, but if you keep a close eye on all of the emerging technologies available, it will be easier to find the best path for your business.

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