Facebook Takes Graph Search to a New Level

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Facebook Takes Graph Search to a New Level


Facebook made big waves with the rollout of its Graph Search tool, which enables people to search their news feeds for people and places. But now, according to Search Engine Watch, Facebook has taken Graph Search several steps further. Now it’s possible for users to find specific posts, status updates, comments, and even check-in locations.

The new Graph Search may raise questions from people who are concerned about their online privacy. However, users can choose to make their profiles private so that people who aren’t their Facebook friends can’t see their information, posts, and comments. As a small business, you’ll likely want to make sure that all of your company information, posts, and comments are public so that your customers can find you.

With the new Graph Search, you can also search for posts within a certain time frame, such as within the last month or the last year.

What This Means for Businesses

Although Facebook has been making changes that are for the most part aimed at helping professional pages, this change primarily benefits users with personal accounts. If you’re running local social media marketing campaigns and don’t already have a social monitoring program, it may be worthwhile to use this new tool to see what people are saying about your company. Since news travels fast on social media, you should always address any negative comments about your company as quickly as possible.

While you’re working on managing your online reputation via Facebook Graph Search, you might also want to check out your geographic area. From there, you can participate in Facebook conversations. You might find that some of your customers have questions about your products and services, and you may be able to resolve these problems directly from Facebook.

fb iphoneBeyond lead generation, reputation monitoring, and social pr, it’s best to continue to use Facebook to connect with your customers. The rules for local internet marketing haven’t changed. Keep customers interested with intriguing photos, videos, infographics, and original blog posts.

What to Expect from Facebook

Unfortunately, not everyone will have access to the new Facebook Graph Search right away. It will take some time for it to roll out to all U.S. users. Facebook is reportedly rolling this out in stages, which is what we’ve come to expect from Facebook.

To find out whether or not you have the new Graph Search, just type “posts about ______” in the search box. If you get a message that says, “Post search is not yet supported,” you’ll know that you don’t have the updated Graph Search yet. But if you see search results, that’s your indication that you are among the first to receive the new Graph Search.

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