Facebook Releases New File Transfer App

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Facebook Releases New File Transfer App


Any tool that saves local social media marketing experts time is usually welcome. For that reason, people who are marketing all types of businesses, will likely find some value in the new Pipe app. Almost everyone in the business world has faced problems as they send attachments through email. Most often, the file is too large to send through email, and the message is returned to the sender. Sometimes, when we have to send several large files, there isn’t enough storage for everything to be sent in one message, so we have to send a series of messages for the recipient to sort through.

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The new Pipe app can solve these problems. With the app, Facebook users can send up to 1 GB of data through the Facebook platform, which is significantly more than most email servers can handle. Although other sites such as DropBox and YouSendIt already allow people to send large files to one another, the Pipe app is unique in that it uses Facebook as its conduit. Because many people are on Facebook for much of the day, it may be more even more convenient for people to send a receive files through Pipe.

How It Works

Fortunately, the recipient doesn’t need to have the app to receive the files. If the recipient isn’t logged on to Facebook, they will get a notification next time they log on. If someone sends files while the recipient is offline, the data will be held in a “locker” until the recipient is able to download the content. The locker will hold up to 100 MB of data, which is still more than some email servers will accommodate.

Transfer Information to Customers

Once your business tests Pipe internally, you may want to branch out to using it to send documents to customers. After your customers interact with your company on your Facebook page, they might want to receive additional information through Pipe. For example, you might want to send them an informational brochure about your company, or you may have an electronic catalog to send their way. Keep in mind, however, that the app is not necessarily secure, so it’s a good idea to avoid sending any confidential information, especially about customers, through Pipe.

Better Overall Marketing

The Pipe app is free for Facebook users, but sometime in the future, Facebook may attempt to monetize the app. Mostly, you’ll find value in this app’s time-saving potential, but that may improve your overall marketing. With the time you’ve saved, you’ll be able to send a personal message from one of your most active Facebook followers, or you might get a few minutes to research other local internet marketing opportunities.

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