Facebook Mobile Usage Is Growing- What It Means For Contractors

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Facebook Mobile Usage Is Growing- What It Means For Contractors


When you see people staring at their mobile phones—whether they’re on the bus, in line at the grocery store, or in a dentist’s waiting room—chances are they’re checking Facebook.

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According to a Social Media Today article, Zuckerberg said about 48 percent of mobile users’ daily time is spent on Facebook and 49% of it’s total ad revenues come from mobile ads.

That means that mobile users are spending more time on Facebook than they are on YouTube, LinkedIn, and even Twitter.

In contrast, desktop users spend 12.5 percent of their total computer time on Facebook. Although that’s a significant portion of users’ time, it’s clear that mobile users are more likely to be browsing Facebook whenever they get a few free moments. Desktop users’ attention is often diverted to email, lengthy news articles, and work projects.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to Facebook activity, mobile is on track to surpass desktop usage in the near future. In fact, 48 percent of Facebook’s daily users are checking their Facebook news feeds from a mobile device. This is just another that mobile is here to stay and you need to plan accordingly.

Consider Mobile Advertising

So what does that mean for contractors? It means that mobile isn’t going anywhere, and it presents a wonderful opportunity for advertising, which is also doing quite well on mobile devices. If your contractor business needs help putting a Facebook advertising campaign into place, don’t hesitate to rely on the expertise of local social media marketing professionals.

Project Professionalism

If you don’t have a mobile device for your business, make sure you find a way to check out how your business looks on mobile. When you post Facebook photos, for instance, they might look great on a desktop but might get cropped on a mobile device. Customers are usually impressed with companies that have a grasp on mobile and other emerging technologies. If your content is presented professionally and without errors, you’ll build credibility with your potential customers.

Keep It Brief

With standard desktop Facebook posts, it was easy to use ad content or even snippets from your press releases for your company’s Facebook posts. Although they’re not ideal, longer posts work much better on the desktop interface than they do on mobile devices. Mobile users just don’t take the time to stop at a long block of text, so it’s important to keep your Facebook posts as succinct as possible. By focusing on keeping your messages short, you’ll also be forced to stick to the key aspects of your contractor business that set you apart from your competition.

To learn more about how your contractor business can use Facebook as a powerful marketing tool and lead generator, check out one of our latest handbooks- Facebook Marketing for Local Businesses. You’ll discover strategies you can start implementing today!

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