Facebook Introduces Objective-Based Ad Buying

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Facebook Introduces Objective-Based Ad Buying



If you’ve ever tried creating and managing Facebook ads, you know it can be confusing to figure out the best formula to make your ads meet the goals you set. There are a few types of ads to choose from, and it can be difficult to find the ad product that will work best for your local social media marketing campaign. It can also be a challenge for small business owners to determine their target Facebook audience.

On the other hand, if Facebook ads are executed properly, they can be some of your most valuable marketing tools. Thankfully, Facebook has created a tool that will solve many of your problems. Facebook is now helping small business owners with their ads, starting with the objective.


Personalized Ad Consultation

According to Hubspot, when you log on to Facebook to create an ad for your small business, Facebook will ask you a series of questions about your marketing goals. Whether your objective is to get more people to like your Facebook page or to respond to an event, Facebook will match your company’s goals with the appropriate ad product. You can also choose from objectives such as more clicks to your company website and greater app engagement.

After you run your ad, Facebook will show you how many times your ad met the objective you specified, and how much it cost. In a nutshell, Facebook is starting its own ad consultation services with no extra fee to you.

What This Means for Businesses

Although Facebook’s new advertising features are proving tremendously helpful, it doesn’t mean that business owners should rely exclusively on Facebook. You’ll still want to pay attention to how your Facebook ads are performing, and to remember that they’re just one piece of your marketing strategy. When in doubt, you can always turn to local marketing experts to simplify the advertising process for your business.

In addition to paid advertising, make sure you keep up with your organic Facebook content by engaging users with photos, videos, and links to interesting website content. Without this content, your followers will lose interest, and you reverse the gains you made through paid advertising.

What to Expect from Facebook

Even if you’re not ready to run an ad, it may be worthwhile for small business owners to become familiar with the new ad creation tools available to you.

Whether or not you use Facebook for advertising, this move is a positive sign for business owners. Facebook has been making several changes aimed at helping advertisers get more for their money, likely because it has come to realize that its 1 million advertisers are driving its success. As advertising continues to generate greater pay-off for Facebook, it seems safe to assume the social media network will continue to invest in helpful tools for its growing pool of small businesses users.

Chris Marentis

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