Facebook Ad Targeting Gets Better for Mortgage Brokers

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Facebook Ad Targeting Gets Better for Mortgage Brokers


Any mortgage broker who’s active on Facebook has been exposed to the multitude of businesses utilizing the social platform for marketing. As a result, you may have considered introducing your own Facebook ad campaigns. Fortunately, Facebook has been making a series of improvements that can benefit you. Earlier this year, Facebook streamlined its ad products, making it easier for mortgage brokers to choose an ad format that performs well on Facebook.

Facebook recently changed its advertising algorithm to make ads more relevant to each user based on his or her interests, according to WebProNews. Facebook’s intent is to improve the quality of its ads. Through each user’s clicks, likes, and shares, the social platform learns about users interests and promotes increasingly targeted content. Overall, these changes will be good for local marketing experts who aim to get their clients the best ROI from their Facebook ads.

User Feedback Matters to Facebook

Now, when you come across a Facebook ad you don’t want to look at and opt to hide, Facebook will ask you to give a reason for hiding it. The social media giant has started to pay more attention to the reasons people dislike some of the ads they see, and it’s adjusting its ad delivery accordingly. As a result, you and your clients may start seeing more relevant, engaging ads that you won’t want to hide.

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What The Change Means for Mortgage Brokers

If you’re already incorporating Facebook ads into your local social media marketing campaigns, you won’t have to make any changes to the ads you’re running. However, you may notice some differences in the way that your ads are delivered to users.

If you track your ad performance through Facebook’s Insights tools, there may be some variances. Most likely, your ad performance will improve with the new algorithm, so you’ll want to monitor your performance for several weeks before making any changes to any ad content.

Choose the Right Image

With the abundance of advertisers on Facebook, it’s important to make your company’s ads stand out with quality images. If you opt to use a plain graphic, you could end up losing money on an ad that doesn’t resonate with the people you’re trying to engage. These days, words aren’t enough to capture Facebook users’ attention.

Even though Facebook is helping to deliver more relevant ads to users, marketers need to do their part, too. Pay attention to ads that work for you and those that fail to engage your audience. Although Facebook’s changes will be helpful, it’s up to marketers to determine the best ways to communicate with your clients.

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