Exponentially Increase Your Fan Base: Facebook Promoted and Sponsored Stories- Working Together.

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Exponentially Increase Your Fan Base: Facebook Promoted and Sponsored Stories- Working Together.


As we talked about earlier this week, there’s been a lot of talk lately in marketing spheres about “Sponsored” and “Promoted” stories on Facebook.  What are they?  How are they different?  Do they work together? These are all valid questions being asked and researched.  Being that we talked earlier about what “Sponsored Stories” are, let’s take a deeper look at “Promoted Stories”.

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Promoted stories were created for Brand Page owners to pay to extend their audience.  As we’ve discussed in the past, only about 5% of your fans end up seeing the content you post.  With Promoted stories, you can pay to guarantee that a much larger fan base sees the post, along with friends of people who interact with the promoted post.  These posts show directly into the newsfeed, and are hard to miss.

Overall, research has shown that promoted stories outperforms sponsored stories (except in the category of campaign reach).  Regardless, the results when the two are used together are the most exciting.  By using promoted and sponsored stories together, you can see a tremendous amount of user engagement, from an audience you never have reached before.  This can be extremely beneficial when promoting sales or services.

Need an example of how to go about doing this?  Well, If you have a blog (which is a great way to gain SEO) then a great idea is to promote your blogs by publishing the article in an open graph format.  Create a sponsored and promoted story post with a properly formatted picture and the first sentence of the blog post.  Submit the post, and be ready to be astounded by the amount of new viewers.



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