Dentists May (Surprisingly) Benefit From New Twitter Feature

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Dentists May (Surprisingly) Benefit From New Twitter Feature


For some dentists, Twitter is a powerful social media tool. Some local marketing experts have come to respect Twitter more for its willingness to evaluate users’ needs and add new features based on their research.


If you’re a Twitter user, you might be frustrated by the large volume of text on the social media platform. Scrolling through all of that information can be time-consuming, and dentists can get lost in the shuffle. For this reason, we’ve seen a shift to visual content with the introduction of Vine, which enables users to post 6-second videos on Twitter. So far, Vine has been a success, and Twitter has shown that it has more projects in the works.

How Embedded Tweets Can Drive Traffic to Your Business

According to Hubspot, Twitter is testing embedded tweets. If the plan goes through, your dental practice would be able to embed tweets onto your website. Then website visitors might be more inclined to follow you on Twitter.

When you embed one of your tweets, a link to your website will appear underneath your tweet, which would drive more traffic to your website. Overall, the feature would help your practice gain more visibility on your website and on Twitter, which is great for your search engine rank and local internet marketing. Take a look at our major search engine guide to learn more about optimizing your website and improving your practice’s search rank on Google.

Also, other groups and organizations can embed your tweets onto their websites, which will attract even more people to your website. When your tweets are on other sites, it gives your practice a little reputation boost, too. Tweets that have been embedded on several reputable sites will naturally draw attention.

Dentists can use this feature to reach out to potential and current clients. Use it to share useful articles with your audience and establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Maybe you find an interesting piece about the benefits of flossing or the effects of drinking coffee. If you share it on Twitter, you can also embed it on your website, where it will get more visibility. Even better, the article’s author might appreciate the gesture and tweet some of your content in return.

When to Expect Embedded Tweets

Some people already have the ability to embed tweets, but it’s not clear when, or if, it will become available to all Twitter users. Because some people are already using the new feature, it could soon become widespread. Even if Twitter’s plan for embedded tweets doesn’t pan out, it’s encouraging to marketers that it’s making several attempts to help businesses to connect with wider audiences.

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