Build Your Local Business With Google’s New Enhanced Campaigns

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Build Your Local Business With Google’s New Enhanced Campaigns


Google has big news for local businesses: Now with its new enhanced Google AdWords campaigns, you can actually reach potential customers on their mobile phones or other devices. So what does this mean for your local internet marketing?


Good News for Mobile

Now you can deliver ads to people while they’re on the go. With the new enhanced campaigns, you can create ads that look as good on a mobile device as it does on a standard PC or Mac computer. The ads will be delivered to users based on the devices they’re using. However, the new campaign structure doesn’t allow marketers to run mobile-only campaigns. The same ads will appear on all devices.

Also, Google removed the option to target a specific mobile device, such as the Android or iPhone. Instead, all mobile device users are lumped together into one category. Google places tablets such as iPads in the same category as desktop computers.

Better Targeting

The new structure means that you can target audiences based on their location, time of day, and the device they’re using.  The good news for local marketing experts is that they don’t have to manage separate campaigns for each of their target audiences. This new feature will come in handy for businesses that have several physical locations. They might want to place a high bid for mobile devices that are a mile or two away from their location but bid less for mobile devices that aren’t so close.

Simpler Bidding

The new AdWords structure is designed to simplify campaign management. Before, running multiple campaigns was cumbersome. Now you’ll be able to bid different prices on different locations and devices, but they’ll be part of one campaign.

This change will save time for small and medium companies, who might have been too busy to run an AdWords campaign in the past. It’s never been easier for a small business owner to start a mobile advertising campaign. Better campaign management efficiency usually leads to better overall ad performance.

Improved Reporting

Google has always been known for its sophisticated campaign reporting, but there are even more advanced reports with this new campaign structure. You’ll be able to track mobile phone conversions such as calls and app purchases.

The new system can be overwhelming to Google AdWords beginners and veterans alike. Thankfully, Google provided a PDF guide, blog posts, and more to help advertisers learn the new system. From now until June 2013, you’ll be able to choose either the current AdWords or the new enhanced structure. With time-specific, location-specific, device-specific targeting, it’s easier for local businesses to engage new customers.

Chris Marentis

For nearly three decades, Chris Marentis, Founder and CEO of Surefire Social, has been responsible for driving innovation and sales growth for large media and e-commerce brands as well as start-ups. With a long-history of counseling local businesses about their marketing efforts, Marentis provides insight on what it takes for small businesses to succeed and thrive in today’s evolving digital environment. His notable career includes creating the foundational blueprints for online marketing, e-commerce and content branding for AOL’s Interactive Marketing group, where he served as Senior Vice President. While CEO of Clearspring Technologies, Marentis developed one of the most widely adopted venture-backed Web 2.0 technology platforms. Marentis is a frequent speaker at local digital marketing conferences and a contributor to SMB and technology-focused publications.

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