Ask Consumers These Three Questions, and They’ll Answer (But You Have to Ask!)

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Ask Consumers These Three Questions, and They’ll Answer (But You Have to Ask!)



As a local business owner, are you confident you know what consumers think about your local business? And making assumptions isn’t good enough. In fact, the only way you’ll ever really know what consumers think is to ask them.


What exactly do you love about our business, products or services? If you really want to know what consumers think, ask them, and be clear about what you want to know. Do they love your level of customer service, or how well your product works? Or maybe they love the results they’ve achieved after utilizing your services. Ask for specifics, and while you’re at it, ask for permission to use what they tell you as testimonials. You can also use online surveys to gather information, as well.


Are we missing anything? Is there something you wish we currently offered? There may be a type of service a lot of your current leads or consumers are looking for, so ask them, and see what they tell you. Maybe you could identify a new niche to tap into.


Can you think of anyone who might be able to benefit from our services or products? I’ve written posts about this before, but to get referrals, you want to ask for them.


When you actually ask, you’ll be surprised what consumers will tell you. You can then take that information and use it the benefit of your local business as you see fit.


Chris Marentis

For nearly three decades, Chris Marentis, Founder and CEO of Surefire Social, has been responsible for driving innovation and sales growth for large media and e-commerce brands as well as start-ups. With a long-history of counseling local businesses about their marketing efforts, Marentis provides insight on what it takes for small businesses to succeed and thrive in today’s evolving digital environment. His notable career includes creating the foundational blueprints for online marketing, e-commerce and content branding for AOL’s Interactive Marketing group, where he served as Senior Vice President. While CEO of Clearspring Technologies, Marentis developed one of the most widely adopted venture-backed Web 2.0 technology platforms. Marentis is a frequent speaker at local digital marketing conferences and a contributor to SMB and technology-focused publications.

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