Are you Scaring Away Potential Customers?

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Are you Scaring Away Potential Customers?


It has happened to all of us before.  You’re interested in a product or solution being offered online, but to learn more you must enter in your contact information.  Without knowing the company or feeling secure, you hesitate to enter your information.  This business is now losing out on lead generations; costing them inevitably money.


Step ahead of the competition and follow a few guidelines to entice and encourage potential customers to enter their information; helping you gain the crucial data you need to generate leads. 


Time it right.

You don’t want to come on too strong or act pushy.  First tailor your message to show why your business can help them.  Make them feel that they want to know more.  You can do this by applying a variety of different tactics.

  • Be Concise.  Nobody wants to have to search through web clutter trying to find out what your company does and how it can benefit them.
  • Emphasize Solutions.  Make it seem that you are the solution that they have been looking for.  Talk about challenges your potential client faces, and how you uniquely can help them.
  • Design.  Play around with different colors and words (as silly as this may seem).  It’s amazing how a small change in formatting can encourage leads to contact you.


Trust and Integrity.

When it comes time to ask your new lead to enter their information, make sure you make them feel secure.  The most important part to gaining their trust is to emphasize that you will not sell any of their information and that your site is secure.

You can go the extra mile and make them feel that they are in control.  Provide boxes that they can check to determine the frequency of emails and preferred contact methods (if any).

Ask only for the information that you need.  People do not want to feel that it is a hassle to request more information.  You can always gain knowledge after a relationship is established.  Keep the form design short (even if you are asking for a lot of information).  Remember, the shorter the form the more leads you’re going to get.  Disguise asking for a lot of information by using two columns and minimizing white space.



Make them excited

You want your new lead to be excited to hear from you.  Some ways to accomplish this are:

  • Instead of having a “submit” button after they enter their information, you have a “get me solutions” button.
  • Include testimonials near the form to remind them why they are entering their information.
  • Have a live chat button.  Maybe they still aren’t comfortable with entering their information, and this is an easy way to gather the same data on a more personal level.
  • Offer a reward or discount that they will receive after they have submitted the form.


Follow the guidelines above to watch your lead numbers grow.  You’ll be surprised how very minor changes can have a big impact on your numbers!



Chris Marentis

For nearly three decades, Chris Marentis, Founder and CEO of Surefire Social, has been responsible for driving innovation and sales growth for large media and e-commerce brands as well as start-ups. With a long-history of counseling local businesses about their marketing efforts, Marentis provides insight on what it takes for small businesses to succeed and thrive in today’s evolving digital environment. His notable career includes creating the foundational blueprints for online marketing, e-commerce and content branding for AOL’s Interactive Marketing group, where he served as Senior Vice President. While CEO of Clearspring Technologies, Marentis developed one of the most widely adopted venture-backed Web 2.0 technology platforms. Marentis is a frequent speaker at local digital marketing conferences and a contributor to SMB and technology-focused publications.

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