Are You Driving the Right Traffic to Your Website?

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Are You Driving the Right Traffic to Your Website?


It’s easy for businesses to get caught up in the number of people who are searching for their website. After all, it’s important for a large number of people to find your site, because a certain percentage of those visitors usually become customers. However, businesses tend to overlook the quality of the searchers. Some types of searches have greater potential to convert searchers into loyal customers.

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What Makes a Good Keyword

Most businesses know that search engine optimization is shaped by keywords. Three factors contribute to an effective keyword. Quality, the first factor, is often neglected by businesses, but it’s important to distinguish searchers who are likely to buy or product from those who are just browsing the web. It can be more important than quantity, the second factor, in influencing people to buy your product or service. The third factor, competition, is determined by the number of businesses in your industry that are competing for that specific keyword.

In-the-Market Searchers

The best kind of searcher is already in the market for your company’s product or service. Although rare, these searchers are valuable because they have the highest traffic conversion rate. Because they’re already in the market to buy, they’re almost guaranteed to either buy from you or from a competitor. That’s why it’s critical that your site appears close to the top of search results. If the searcher misses your site, you’ve effectively lost the sale.

Entering-the-Market Searchers                 

This type of searcher is not as valuable to your business as an in-the-market searcher, but is important nonetheless. Searchers who are entering the market aren’t sure if they’re ready to buy yet, but they are likely starting to research your product or service. If they encounter a company with the right messaging, they might become a buyer. Your website, landing pages, and advertising influence this type of searcher.

Out-of-the-Market Searchers

The majority of your web traffic will come from out-of-the-market searchers. They’re researchers who have no intention of buying your product or service. Although this type of searcher is not likely to make a sale, it’s still important to attract web traffic. There is a chance that an out-of-the-market searcher will enter the market later and remember your business.

To attract more searchers who are already in the market for your product, it’s best to use keywords that a buyer would use to find your business. To grab the attention of searchers who are entering the market, you’ll need high-quality web content. As a business manager, it’s important to review not only your web traffic levels but also the conversion rate. If your web traffic is high but the conversion rate is low, it might be time to evaluate which type of web searcher is finding your website.

If you’re looking for some advice on how to attract the right web traffic or how to choose the most effective keywords for your business, ask local marketing experts. They’ve tested and found the best local Internet marketing strategies and can create a marketing solution specifically tailored for your business.



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