5 Video Editing Tools for Marketing Local Business

Posted by: Chris Marentis

5 Video Editing Tools for Marketing Local Business


More and more people are turning to video marketing as a form of marketing local business products and services; and it’s no wonder considering the increase of online users who watch videos for both business and personal reasons.

However, many local business owners get hung up in how to create videos, though it can be rather simple. All you need is a flip or small video camera, and you’re halfway there. From there, you simply need to edit and load your videos. Below is a list of useful resources available to help you edit your videos so they’re web ready. The type of videos you want to create (simple vs. more involved) will dictate which type of software will work best for you.

Flip Video Camera & Software: A flip camera is very easy to use, takes good quality video for marketing local business items on the web, and offers free software with your purchase. The camera has a built-in USB that plugs directly into your computer for easy upload, and the software allows easy sharing via Facebook, email, and other social media venues.

YouTube Editor: YouTube editor is easy to use, but only allows you to edit videos within the YouTube platform with limited video editing capabilities.

Magisto.com: Magisto can be downloaded online or on the iPhone and allows various video editing capabilities.

Zeodia.com: Zeodia allows you to upload static images to create videos that can be very useful for marketing local business.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio: For a bit more versatility and control over video editing, Sony Vegas Movie Studio is fairly easy to use, and allows more editing capability than the other resources listed here. You can cut, crop, add in a backdrop, add sound overlay, add text, add transitions, and much more. At the same time, it takes a bit more time to understand to fully utilize the software.

For more helpful resources, check out the post, Which Online Video Editing Solution is the Right One for You?

Do you have a favorite online video editing software you use? We’d love to hear about it below!

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