3 Tips – How Your Local Business Can Prepare for a Natural Disaster

Posted by: Chris Marentis

3 Tips – How Your Local Business Can Prepare for a Natural Disaster



It’s official. We’ve entered the season for natural disasters such as fires and hurricanes. Even so, a disaster can unfortunately happen at any time. Therefore, it’s always important for your business to be prepared so it can continue operations as normally as possible even if a disaster does strike. Preparing for the unexpected includes, at a minimum, the following three items.


Ensure you’ve set up your home or an off-site location from which to operate. Depending on the issue which occurs, you or your employees may not be able to make it into your local business’ office. A lack of power, road closures, and unsafe travel conditions accompany most disasters. Therefore, it is important to spend some time ensuring you’re able to access your company’s computer systems from another location. Perhaps, have a trial run where you work from home for an entire day and find out what items you can’t access or take considerable amount of time to work with. You then have the opportunity to remedy the issues prior to having to work from home perhaps for several days or weeks.


Help you and your employees stay connected during the unexpected by putting together a contact list. A natural disaster or even a fire is typically the furthest thing from our minds. Therefore, you may not have a contact list distributed to all your local business’ employees. Take some time today to collect that information from each employee and then distribute an in case of emergency list.


Arrange who is going to cover which activities when your local business is operating remotely. Distributing all your employees’ emergency contact information in a team meeting can give you a great opportunity to ensure everyone in your organization knows what is expected of them in the case of a disaster. Remember to assign employees to update your organization’s website, social media accounts, and phone messaging system so your local business’ customers are aware of your operating challenges and are able to be a bit more patient with you as your business “weathers” a storm so to speak. Planning ahead and make the difference between a minor blip in your business’ operations and a major disruption.


The recent storms on the east coast that put several without power for days is a good example as to why a plan that takes these elements into consideration is important.


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