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We offer an array of marketing resources to help you maximize your online impact, capture and convert web-based sales leads, and expand your brand identity in your local market.

Ready to get started? – Whether you’re looking to add on new services or refresh your current online marketing, a Surefire Social marketing specialist can analyze your company’s online presence and outline a marketing strategy designed for your success.

Hyperlocal SEO

43% of Google Searches are for Local Businesses… Visibility in Google is Key to a Consistent Flow of Quality Leads

SEOHundreds of clients across North America have reaped the benefits of local visibility as a result of Surefire Social’s uncompromising standards in local SEO. If your website isn’t at the top of local search results for your industry, your handing over potential business to your competitors. At Surefire Social, we focus SEO link building on high quality, competitive backlinking that adds value and authority to your website and makes you stand out in search results. Perhaps even more important, we ensure your website is performing at the standards search engines look for in both desktop and mobile views, so you pull in a constant flow of qualified leads.

Surefire Social has reinvented SEO, introducing: SMB Visible

SMB Visible: Integrated Social Media, Content Creation and SEO all in One Package

SMB Visible
With our advanced marketing platform, SMB Visible, your business ranking will skyrocket to the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). A higher ranking position for your website increases your businesses’ click through rate, which generates more leads and results in revenue growth.

SMB Visible offers an advanced SEO program:

  • Watch your investment grow with analytics setup and reporting
  • Gain the favor of search engines with competitive link analysis and strategy
  • The certainty of a smooth process – a Surefire Social certified Coach or Account Executive guides you through every step of implementing your package
  • Build trust with relevant content that encourages people to like, share and post comments

Contact Surefire Social at 888-804-8685 today to learn how to increase your local online presence with SMB Visible and put your business ahead of your competitors.

“Done for You” Social Media

Surefire Social Makes Social Media Work for Your Business

Colourful Thumbs Up LikeOur comprehensive social media suite has everything you need to become a thriving industry leader in the digital marketplace. Today, social media is one of the top ranking factors that influence your business’s search engine visibility. The problem is that 61% of small businesses don’t see an ROI from social media activities as a result of incomplete planning and strategy (Source: Manta Study 2013). Ready for a change? We can show you how to establish a tailored marketing campaign that yields powerful results. You’ll receive complete social media profiles for all the major platforms, turn-key posting, regular performance reviews and an account executive to work with you on editorial planning. As an added bonus, we build you a network that influences search algorithms, strengthening your online visibility to put you ahead of the competition.

Benefits include:

  • Instant valuable business insight about products and services from informed consumers
  • Organically created brand advocates to spread the word, driving customers to you
  • A strong local presence built on your custom social media plan that targets, engages and converts local prospects into loyal customers
  • Online visibility and quality content that generate leads

A More Personal, Integrated Approach

Social media is best implemented in the context of an overall digital marketing plan including SEO and content creation. Our powerful new platform, SMB Visible, provides a coordinated, turn-key digital marketing platform that generates traffic and leads for your business.

SMB Visible

Contact Surefire Social today at 888-804-8685 for more information on how you can use SMB Visible to build a social media campaign that increases your online visibility, or fill out our online form to find out how SMB Visible can provide you with the SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing tools to succeed.

Content Creation and Marketing

Curated Content that Attracts and Retains Customers

contentSurefire Social works with you to produce targeted content that attracts search engines and customers alike. Since the content that you put on your website and circulate through social media networks is representative of your business, it needs to be well written and informative. However, most small businesses don’t have the time or skills to regularly create and distribute content. This is where Surefire Social and our renowned coaching and account services team can make all the difference for your business.

Content Creation

Each month, Surefire Social works with your team to build a targeted content marketing campaign with infographics, ebooks, blog posts, press releases, and social promotions.

  • Promote your business and establish your industry expertise
  • Attract leads in your area through localization and relevant content
  • Promote new products and services while building customer loyalty
  • Spark user engagement with quality content
  • Boost your online visibility and generate new leads to increase your bottom line

Content Marketing

Surefire Social’s SMB Visible gives your company an expanded footprint with backlinking, social media posting and geo tagging. With our tools, your website will advance in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings and generate more leads, so you establish an online presence that puts you ahead of your competitors.

SMB Visible

Contact Surefire Social today at 888-804-8685 or fill out our online form to find out how SMB Visible can provide you with the SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing tools to succeed.

Surefire Social’s Website Design and Development

Traffic-Converting Websites

Website Development PageWe don’t just build websites, we create an online asset for your business, tailored to bring you a constant flow of interested prospects…24/7. Many businesses have websites, but don’t have the knowledge or skills necessary to generate new business opportunities from them.

Our website portfolio includes the range of stellar websites we’ve made for current Surefire Social clients.

Scalable, Secure and Open Source

Our turn-key, user responsive websites are custom built to fit your budget and industry specific needs:

  • Completely customized design and writing, that you can update at any time!
  • Watch your search ranking improve – your site is SEO optimized with proper site structure, the most advanced web 2.0 plug-ins, a selection of keywords and markup from
  • Optimized for traffic and lead conversion – Generate leads all day and everyday with strategically placed phone numbers, built-in forms, and mobile responsive design. With these key tools you’ll never miss a sales opportunity again.
  • Secure and safe – We host your website and maintain its security settings so it’s never vulnerable to preventable breaches.
  • Built-in metrics – Track your website’s performance and watch your investment grow with a complete set of analytics.
  • Ongoing website maintenance means your investment is always performing at its best and it stays on track with changes in your company.

Enterprise level websites can be custom designed to maximize your cross channel marketing and brand recognition. Learn more.

State-of-the-Art Marketing Technology Platform

Surefire Social’s marketing packages and services depend upon our cloud-based Local Adaptive Marketing Platform – purpose-built to maximize ROI in delivering innovative, high-quality, and cost-effective marketing for national-to-local brands and independent local businesses alike. Learn more.

About Us

Surefire Social websites can help generate cost effective, internet-based traffic, resulting in costs per lead of as little as $25-$50.

Contact Surefire Social today and we’ll show you how we can help you dominate your market, consistently and cost-effectively with our internet marketing and website development services.

Surefire Social’s Search Engine Marketing and Retargeting

See Immediate Results

PPC PageWe develop PPC marketing programs that generate instant results that really matter like sales leads, new customers and revenue growth. While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can organically grow your business, it can take time to “rank” and generate significant traffic. When you need results NOW, our Search Engine Marketing will deliver exactly that. We create profitable, data-driven SEM programs with a keen focus on measurable results.

  • Watch your investment grow- From day one we track key performance metrics showing a clear return on marketing efforts.
  • Gain Visibility- We ensure your business can be found when qualified prospects are actively searching for your products or services.
  • Yield perpetual revenue growth- Our in-depth knowledge of the latest industry technologies, coupled with comprehensive analytics data, propels ongoing performance testing and PPC optimization.

Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Surefire Social will implement a custom campaign centered on your unique business objectives to maximize your ROI. Services include: a full Adwords campaign, retargeting ads, strategic site optimization, optimized ad text and keywords, ongoing testing of ad creative, bid optimization and device segmentation. We ensure a high conversion rate with landing page design/testing, registration funnel tweaks and bounce rate reductions.

Contact us Today!

You’re only a call away from driving quality leads to your website. We are proven experts in creating successful search engine marketing campaigns that result in a huge boost in website traffic. Call (888) 804-8685 or sign up for a FREE visibility analysis. A Surefire Social marketing specialist will analyze your company’s online presence and create a search engine marketing campaign designed for your success.

Surefire Social’s Reputation Management Solutions

Comprehensive Packages Empowering You to Monitor and Build Your Online Reputation with Ease

Reputation ManagementWith any of Surefire Social’s Reputation Management Solutions you can be confident that your business’s online reputation is being protected by the pros.

The truth is, if you aren’t protecting your online reputation, your reputation is out of your hands. Online conversations can make or break your online reputation if they aren’t tracked on a regular basis. To keep your company looking its best, our platform monitors social media sites and the top consumer sites where your business might be mentioned and notifies you every time a review or mention is found.

SMB Visible

Reputation Intelligence

Easy to use, comprehensive, cost effective suite empowering you to easily monitor and build your online reputation.

  • Improve Your Online Visibility through consistent online listings so consumers find you instead of your competition.
  • Track your Performance over time and know the sources and sites that matter most to your business so you can continue growing your ROI.
  • Monitor Reviews, Social Media and Employee Activity and gain peace of mind with control over your companies online identity.
  • Amplify Positive reviews With ongoing access to conversations about your business you can transform good reviews into business opportunities.

Want to find out more about how a Reputation Management regimen will improve your company’s online visibility, build customers loyalty, and ensure the integrity of your company’s online reputation? Contact Surefire Social at 888-804-8685 for a free consultation.

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Reputation Concierge

Includes everything in Reputation Management plus Certified Coaches to take care of your online reputation for you. We monitor, engage, and reply so you can focus on running your business. With regular reports you will always be up to date on everything your coach accomplishes for you.

  • We Engage Prospective Buyers, posting relevant, value-packed content to your social profiles converting casual readers into loyal customers.

Want to find out more about how a Reputation Management regimen will improve your company’s online visibility, build customer loyalty, and ensure the integrity of your company’s online reputation? Contact Surefire Social at 888-804-8685 for a free consultation.

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Reputation Brand Analytics for National Brands

Comprehensive, organized insights into your online reputation from the national level down to individual local locations rolled up and delivered in one actionable report.

A bird’s eye view for National Brands means you know where your business is listed in online directories (and whether or not that information is accurate). Since inconsistent listings lead to poor placement in search engine results, this feature is the key to being found by interested consumers.

Slice and dice your data to focus on the sources and sites that matter most to your business. Knowing how your locations are performing and tracking your performance overtime empowers you to make strategic adjustments to eliminate any weak spots and continuously improve your online reputation.

Want to find out more about how a Reputation Management regimen will improve your company’s online visibility, build customer loyalty and ensure the integrity of your company’s online reputation? Contact Surefire Social at 888-804-8685 for a free consultation.

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