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We offer an array of marketing resources to help you maximize your online impact, capture and convert web-based sales leads, and expand your brand identity in your local market.

Ready to get started? – Whether you’re looking to add on new services or refresh your current online marketing, a Surefire Social marketing specialist can analyze your company’s online presence and outline a marketing strategy designed for your success.

“Done for You” Social Media

Surefire Social Makes Social Media Work for Your Business

Colourful Thumbs Up LikeOur comprehensive social media suite has everything you need to become a thriving industry leader in the digital marketplace. Today, social media is one of the top ranking factors that influence your business’s search engine visibility. The problem is that 61% of small businesses don’t see an ROI from social media activities as a result of incomplete planning and strategy (Source: Manta Study 2013). Ready for a change? We can show you how to establish a tailored marketing campaign that yields powerful results. You’ll receive complete social media profiles for all the major platforms, turn-key posting, regular performance reviews and an account executive to work with you on editorial planning. As an added bonus, we build you a network that influences search algorithms, strengthening your online visibility to put you ahead of the competition.

Benefits include:

  • Instant valuable business insight about products and services from informed consumers
  • Organically created brand advocates to spread the word, driving customers to you
  • A strong local presence built on your custom social media plan that targets, engages and converts local prospects into loyal customers
  • Online visibility and quality content that generate leads

A More Personal, Integrated Approach

Social media is best implemented in the context of an overall digital marketing plan including SEO and content creation. Our powerful new platform, SMB Visible, provides a coordinated, turn-key digital marketing platform that generates traffic and leads for your business.

SMB Visible

Contact Surefire Social today at 888-804-8685 for more information on how you can use SMB Visible to build a social media campaign that increases your online visibility, or fill out our online form to find out how SMB Visible can provide you with the SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing tools to succeed.