Turn Website Visitors into Customers by Optimizing Your Page Content

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Turn Website Visitors into Customers by Optimizing Your Page Content


As you are probably already aware, websites have become the front door to businesses. Consumers have come to rely on the Internet for their product and service research. So, it goes without saying that the more attractive your site is to consumers, the more site traffic you will have.
However, to take advantage of the opportunity, you have to contend with the attention span of Internet users, which is getting shorter as time passes. The average person spends only a few seconds to glance over a site’s contents before making the decision to stay or leave. If statistics show that you get a decent number of visitors but the bounce rate is high, it’s likely that your site isn’t appealing enough.

contentThe 3 Pages that Must Deliver Quickly
With so many sites vying for the interest of web users, you have to deliver your message efficiently. Quite simply, you have to create content that grabs attention and keeps it focused on your site, particularly on your most important areas: the home, landing, and about pages.

When visitors first arrive, they already have expectations of what they want to see and if they can’t find what they’re looking for immediately, they’re likely to go elsewhere. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is to create a bold heading on your home page with attractive graphics and a clear headline that assures users they have come to the right place.

Your content should then follow the same philosophy and convey its ideas without wasted words. Using generic sentences, flowery words, and exaggerations will just drive users away; you have to state your intent using a relaxed tone, ordinary language, and accurate descriptions. According to an article on Hubspot, you should avoid talking about yourself and your company too much and shun superlatives like “outstanding” and “world-class” because people are more drawn to truthful, down-to-earth statements.

Offer More than Words
Psychologically, people are enticed by deals that give them some form of savings, gift, or tool that provides them with useful information or value. Consequently, when you present special offers and free links to important data customers feel that they are lucky to have found your site.
If your conversion materials are good enough, visitors will be more comfortable submitting their personal information to you, which will open up further sales possibilities. Securing email addresses for mailings, for instance, will enable you to provide them with additional reasons to visit your site on a regular basis. One suggestion – come up with seasonal promotions to create incentives throughout the year for subscribers to visit your site.

To add an additional level of value to the above advice, we have an ebook available that can guide you through generating traffic and creating leads that can help increase your consumer base. Remember that people need something more than promises to keep them coming back, so always keep your site filled with fresh ideas and keep your customers’ best interests in mind.

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