How to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Pinterest Marketing

Posted by: Chris Marentis

How to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Pinterest Marketing


Pinterest is an excellent platform for companies to market their products and services. The number of people who log in to the site is consistently increasing and statistics show they tend to spend more money through online purchases on average than users of other social media sites.

However, it can be difficult to keep Pinterest consumers interested on a consistent basis since the site hosts so many images at the same time and users are very selective of what they view and share. Your posts could be ignored if they don’t stand out and if they aren’t optimized properly.

pinterst marketing It’s all about the Pictures…
You can’t just pin a photo without considering its format and characteristics. According to an article on Hubspot, data from over half a million posts shows that properties like image quality, dimensions, color scheme, and aspect ratio all have a large influence on user engagement.

There are many specific things you have to bear in mind when posting. For instance, images with a wide variety of bright colors are re-pinned 3 times more than those with only one central color, while red-orange themes are twice as popular as bluish ones. These disparities exist because people are naturally drawn to pictures that are easy on the eyes, so avoid dark, pixelated, and monotonic photos.

…But Don’t Forget Your Content
People visit Pinterest primarily for visual content so it’s important to be quick and direct with your descriptions. Captions make your images more appealing but you have to keep them under 200 characters. Lengthy explanations tend to distract users away from the focus of your posts.
Holding contests can make people interact with you on a more personal basis. You can have users create boards that consist of their favorite products related to your brand and provide prizes for the best entries. This kind of online event highlights the best aspects of your company and increases your brand’s overall appeal.

Link your pins to your other platforms
You have to make it convenient for users to find your page because the amount of attention your posts get depends on the number of quality links and repins that connect to them. This means that you have to promote your content through various channels like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, and add hashtags to increase visibility.
You should also follow users who are likely to be interested in the services you provide based on what they pin. For instance, if you’re in the home improvement industry, you could follow people who have pinned topics about real estate, construction projects, buildings in need of repair, etc. because they will have a reason to follow you as well.

In summary, to maximize the effect of your Pinterest marketing, you have to be aware of what works and what doesn’t. Advertising on social media isn’t just a straight line, so if you’re looking for solutions, local social marketing experts can guide you with the latest information.

Chris Marentis

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