Don’t Underestimate the SEO Power of Images…

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Don’t Underestimate the SEO Power of Images…


How Images enhance your search ranking

Pictures are an important marketing tool for websites, directories and social networks. We know that when you combine great pictures with content, click through rates, sharing and engagement increases dramatically. Moreover, with mobile cameras everywhere, people are taking and viewing more photos than any other time before.

As such, you can’t allow your web marketing to be left behind by the imaging revolution. Sites that have relevant, unique, and fresh pictures posted on them regularly are a lot more likely to attract users. In fact, studies show that pages that include images get almost double the number of views on average.

searchingMake Your Images Visible to Search Engines

The problem is most webmasters don’t make it easy for search engines to find and index their sites. As a business owner, you need to understand the value of being visible and take the right steps to optimize your images.

The fact is, even the most compelling visuals won’t help a website if search engines can’t see them. To solve this, you have to label your images properly by matching the titles and alt tags (file names and descriptions) with the subject of your message. For example, if you’re selling a metal roof, you ought to have a photo of it that is tagged and labeled as a “metal roof.”

Improve Your Site’s Performance

Search engine algorithms are constantly updated to show the most appealing and useful sites for any given search query. However, if a site is burdened by long load times and unrelated links, the user experience will suffer, and so will your ranking.

According to Search Engine Watch, images on sites need to be optimized properly so that they can load and respond faster. You can start by reducing the file size of your photos; there are tools available (such as on that can do this without sacrificing much quality. You could also change the file type; for instance, .jpeg files are light and the format is pretty much universally used.

Image Quality and Uniqueness

People don’t stay on sites that are decorated with random, generic stock photos. Also, people tend to return to websites that feature new content – thus, its in your best interest to continously post new pictures that are relevant to the corresponding copy. To illustrate, if you’re a dentist, you could generate more interest by consistently showing your work and how it has improved the smiles of your clients. Showing the real results of an activity is more interesting than simply describing what you can do for a potential customer.

The number of factors involved in effectively using pictures to increase a site’s ranking has multiplied exponentially, so seeking advice from local marketing experts may be a good next step for your business. Images can make or break your site, so take a clue from people who post on their personal Instagrams: always use images that make you look your best.

Chris Marentis

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