Importance of Websites in Business
March 24, 2015 by: Chris Marentis

Importance of Websites in BusinessBecause commercial roofers often rely heavily on word-of-mouth marketing to attract new clients, it can be tempting to operate without a website. However, there are a number of powerful reasons why building a website for your business will be nothing but a positive.

Build Credibility

First, it’s impossible to ignore the ubiquity of the Internet. For many business owners, it’s the first place they turn when they’re looking for products and services in their area. They expect any credible business to have a professional, up-to-date website. If you’re a business without a website, you essentially don’t exist online and you’re missing out on thousands of opportunities to reach those potential clients.

Save Money and Time

Although it’s not free to build and maintain a website, it can save you money over time. When you compare the total cost of a website to the cost of traditional advertising such as newspaper ads or radio commercials, websites are generally more cost effective.

You may not realize that websites don’t have to be expensive to create, and maintaining them can cost as little as $20 a month. Keep in mind that your website doesn’t have to be large and complex; it just needs to tell people who you are and how you can help them.

Also, keep in mind that an organized, well-written website will save time for your company. Instead of explaining all of your products and services to every client, you can direct some of them to your website for more information.

Keep Your Clients Informed

Your commercial roofing business website serves as an information board for your clients. Rather than printing new materials, which is often costly and time-consuming, you can think of your website as a convenient way to keep in touch with your clients.

Smart local internet marketing professionals use their website to let their clients know about roofing specials and promotions and to give homeowners tips for making their roof last as long as possible.

Showcase Your Work

As a roofing company, you rely on visual imagery to prove the quality of your work, and your website is the perfect medium for showcasing your work. Use an online image gallery to highlight some of your best work. Also, build credibility by publishing testimonials from satisfied clients.

Improve Customer Service

Although local marketing experts agree that your website is undoubtedly a powerful marketing tool, the real benefit comes from helping your clients. Any time you provide your clients with more information, you’re helping them solve problems, which is the ultimate goal of any business owner. That’s why it’s so important for small businesses to have informative websites in today’s world.






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Amount of Budget Spent on Marketing
March 20, 2015 by: Chris Marentis

Amount of Budget Spent on MarketingWhen it comes to digital marketing, franchises have several unique advantages. Because they have the support of their brand as well as the flexibility of a small local business, they have become leaders in online marketing.

In fact, franchises devote nearly half of their marketing budgets to digital, and it’s possible that they’ll increase their focus on online marketing. Just a year ago, franchises spent 10 percent less on digital marketing than they do now, so it’s easy for marketers to see where the trend is headed.

The trend also benefits the consumer, who will have an easier time finding the products and services in his or her geographic area. The Internet, after all, is the first place people turn when they’re looking for information about local businesses.

Digital Marketing Pays Off for Franchises

Franchises’ success with digital marketing may be encouraging to some marketers.  According to the International Franchise Association, franchises in the United States generated $839 billion in output last year. Also, franchises seem to have fared well following the recession, thanks in part to national enterprise marketing. Their output has increased by about a half a billion since before the recession.

The average franchise owner works with an $87,000 marketing budget, with about 42 percent of that going toward online marketing. Although that might not sound like a high figure, it’s important to note that the size of the average franchise’s marketing budget has doubled since 2013.

Franchises Turn to Agencies for Help

Franchises aren’t making all of this headway without help from local marketing experts, however. In many cases, the national brand provides its franchises with agencies that help them with local marketing tools such as pay-per-click advertising and social media marketing. Because these agencies work with so many franchises, they’ve become highly effective at what they do, and the franchises have seen positive results.

In some cases, however, the franchisees don’t take advantage of the marketing support provided by their national brand, largely because they think the requirements are too stringent. Still, about 60 percent of franchises use the agencies provided by their national brands.

What Franchises Can Expect

Franchise owners can expect local marketing to become even more targeted and more streamlined than it ever was before. As more franchises become focused on local online marketing, vendors will develop more advanced software that’s designed to streamline the process, giving franchisees more opportunities to serve consumers in their area.



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Automation Key Marketing Practices Will Help Your Business Be Everywhere
March 17, 2015 by: Chris Marentis

Automation Key Marketing Practices Will Help Your Business Be EverywhereWhen it comes to local internet marketing, time is one of your most valuable commodities. You’re expected to be everywhere at all times. Without marketing automation tools, however, being everywhere is impossible, and many marketers find themselves stretched too thin.

That’s where marketing automation saves the day—and your marketing plan. Not only does marketing automation free up time and resources, it also enables you to pinpoint leads more effectively than any member of your marketing team. In fact, companies that use marketing automation software have a 107 percent higher lead conversion rate than companies that don’t.

Turn to Automation for Lead Generation

For most companies, lead generation involves a lot of manual work, but fortunately, some of this can be automated. Although it does take some work to create landing pages for different consumer segments, it pays off to make it as easy as possible to create and update these pages. Automating lead generation becomes easier with tools that enable marketers to create and test landing pages in just a few minutes as well as view analytics and adjust landing page content accordingly.

Take Email to a New Level

Although email is often dismissed as an out-of-date marketing tool, it still holds value for today’s companies. And thanks to a wide range of tools out there, email marketing can be completely automated. Use email to keep in touch with consumers over the course of several weeks or even months.Pros to Setting Up Email Campaigns with Automation

Save Time with Social Media Automation

Even though local social media marketing requires a personal touch, there are a few aspects which can be automated. Once you have crafted a social media post, use automation tools such as Buffer to distribute your message to all of your social media channels.

Once you’ve streamlined marketing processes, it’s also critical that you use Google Analytics and other metrics tools to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

It’s important for marketers to remember that there is a solution to nearly every problem they face, and as more companies begin to adopt marketing automation software, the products will only improve.

If you notice you’re spending a lot of time on manual labor, take the time to find a way to automate more tasks. Chances are, you’ll find a tool that meets your needs, and it’s likely to be free!


How’d we do? Do you already automate these processes? Which areas has your business found the most success with automating? Let us know in the comments!


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Home Improvement Marketing
March 13, 2015 by: Mark Richardson

Home Improvement MarketingTime is the one thing that nobody seems to have enough of yet everyone wants more of. This resonates with me as I talk to people of all walks of life, professions, ages and so forth. For home renovation professionals, it is no different. While you cannot literally create more time, you can use the time that you have more efficiently so that you essentially feel as though you have more time. Good time management skills directly correlate to your business—and I would even say personal—success.

Use the following three time management tips to help you get control of your time—and your business:

  • Have a Plan

This may sound cliché but I have learned that most clichés actually stem from some pretty powerful truths. Without a good plan directing your actions, you run the risk of being very reactive and letting your jobs and tasks run you versus the other way around.

You need to be in control of every aspect of your business. Start with a good plan in writing that spells out what your business stands for and what you want to achieve. It is important to note that this should not be a to-do list. Your daily to-do lists will itemize tasks that support your overall plan goals, such as increasing business or estimating more jobs.

  • Embrace Routine

Variety may be the spice of life but routine is the path to efficient business operations. Find as many activities during your day that happen regularly and can be systematized or made routine. Keeping records, returning phone calls and emails, visiting job sites, creating bids and managing marketing are some examples of these.

Plan a special time each day to do these standard things. For example, do all of your invoicing and estimates at the start of the day, return all customer calls or emails at the end of the day and so forth. The less mental energy you have to expend on figuring out simply what to do when, the more energy you will have for the things that really need it.

  • Stay Focused

Essentially, stick to your plan. Don’t be the person who signs up for a new gym membership in January and quits going by February. Revisit your goals regularly—daily if need be—and follow through. If you planned to do all of your invoicing at the beginning of your day, resist the urge to skip it “just this once” thinking that you will make it up later. Backlogs snowball fast and soon your entire plan and organization goes out the window. Interruptions will pop up, emergencies will happen. Make wise choices about what is a true “emergency” and what can wait.

You can also help your crews to develop good routines and organization that will make work at job sites go more smoothly for them and for your customers.

Take the opportunity to plan your time and you will find that you have more time—or so it will seem. What can you do with this time? Maybe expand into a new territory and grow revenues?



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