Surefire Social Local Adaptive Marketing Platform


SurePulse – Your Virtual CMO
The SurePulse marketing platform allows businesses to execute all their online marketing activities from a single location. Save time and get real-time insights, reputation monitoring and content publishing across web, mobile, social and directories.

SurePulse is integrated with a complete suite of digital marketing services and is supported by a personal coach, empowering businesses to increase their visibility without breaking their budget.

The GeoJuice Mobile App was designed to allow busy business owners to instantly generate online content and reviews with their mobile phones, helping more local customers find them. Turn your field team into your sales force with this easy to use, powerful application designed for professionals on the go.

Brand Amplification Platform (BAP)

GeoJuiceAppThe Brand Amplification Platform focuses on creating compelling web, mobile, and social experiences at the national, regional, and local levels to generate more leads. The BAP delivers content and experiences that attract attention, educate prospects, create fans and customers, build your brand and drive leads – for independent local businesses and national-to-local brands alike.

The BAP provides extensive controls and setup allow for national and local content flexibility – write once, run everywhere in website, social, mobile, directories, and review sites. The BAP focuses on attracting and retaining customers through creating and curating relevant and valuable content at the national level, easily syndicating that content to the local level, and seamlessly integrating it with customized local content meeting the specialized needs of the local independent businesses or the dealers, affiliates, franchisees, or contractors associated with national brands.

The BAP also provides a completely customizable, cloud-based business locator and publishing tool that is specifically designed for the needs of large, multi-location marketers looking to generate leads on both a national and local levels. It combines the most robust geospatial code stack with fully customizable mini-websites designed for local SEO visibility and lead conversion.

Client Engagement Platform (CEP)

GeoJuiceAppThe Client Engagement Platform focuses on making it fast and easy for our clients to provide critical, timely, local knowledge that is critical to our sophisticated marketing approaches.

The CEP provides the simple GeoJuice™ mobile app to make it easy for our client’s field forces to check in from the field – quickly posting a photo or a job summary to power important hyper-local content. The CEP also provides an easy way to collect reviews right at the point of service. Finally, the CEP provides one-click access to our world-class Coaches and Account Executives.

Coaching Services Platform (CSP)

GeoJuiceAppThe Coaching Services Platform focuses on making Surefire Social’s industry-renowned Coaches and Account Executives even more effective – creating the perfect blending of active, personal service with cloud-based technologies in delivering cutting-edge adaptive marketing.

Our Coaches and Account Executives partner with our independent local clients providing optimization, expertise, and support. For national brands, the Coaches engage at both the national level and the local levels – developing and implementing national strategies and working at the local level to ensure compliance and adoption among the individual dealers, affiliates, franchisees, and contractors. Our CSP provides reporting, analytics, and workflow management to keep our Coaches and Account Executives focused on delivering results for our clients – providing our team with everything they need to keep our clients’ digital marketing and online brands perfectly tuned.

GeoJuice™ Mobile Application Services

GeoJuiceAppGeoJuice™ is a critical part of our Client Engagement Platform (CEP) services. Available for both iOS and Android, the GeoJuice app empowers businesses to get more customer reviews and build their local brand online.

Field personnel can check-in from every job, at the time of service. They can easily add a photo and brief description of the job. They can also fire off a request for a review from the customer – all before they leave the driveway or parking lot.

The GeoJuice app automatically uploads that information and routes it to the pages on our clients’ sites that highlight their products and services for each specific city, amplifying their brand for their most important services and service areas for mobile and desktop discovery alike.

All the most recent check-in’s, photos, and reviews for each service area will be easily accessible for their prospects and customers. And an interactive heat-map shows the general location of your jobs, and recent reviews, in each of your service areas.