About Surefire Social Marketing

Surefire Social provides online marketing tools,  technology and services to national Brands with franchise/dealer networks, SMB’s, and independent marketing consultants/small agencies. A hyperlocal lead generation marketing technology and services company with powerful, personalized and comprehensive enterprise and SMB (small and medium business) solutions. The company was created in 2009 as an online marketing education platform helping business owners make better decisions in order to adapt and thrive in the Web 2.0 lead generation world. Understanding how frustrated and overwhelmed many business owners feel with the pace of change in technology and the number of digital marketing options, the company’s focus is to demystify the internet.

Based on principles of education, transparency, honesty, passion and integrity, Surefire Social has emerged as a leader in scalable, customized digital lead generation marketing practices that really work.


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Our Story

Surefire Social’s founder and CEO Chris Marentis grew up in a household that looked much like those of many other small business owners. His father started a contracting business in 1948. From an early age, Chris understood what it took to start and run a small business, including the critical role of lead generation.

In 2007, having run serveral venture-backed Web 2.0 technology companies, Chris created a “system” to help small businesses rank well in search engines and gain more online visibility than their competitors. After seeing significant results, Chris wrote the e-book “Surefire Social” and started speaking at small business events. Listening to attendees, Chris heard the frustrations of small business owners related to the emerging internet marketing scene, and the “internet gurus” who promised results that never worked.

The e-book Surefire Social resonated with business owners and Chris started getting more calls for help with website development, search engine optimization and social media marketing. Seeing the demand for small business marketing knowledge and insight, Chris and his team spent the next three years building the most powerful local digital marketing services company in North America and thus Surefire Social was born.

Who We Are Today

Surefire Social has come a long way since its inception with new areas of focus including product and service innovation, but the company’s core values have remained unchanged. The team includes many prominent digital marketers and entrepreneurs whose accomplishments and talents flourish at Surefire. With a focus on understanding what clients need, Surefire Social’s goal is to be “best of breed” digital marketers, in every aspect. To expand the company’s technology and services to manufacturers, franchisors and large enterprises – who want to support their business partners and their local lead generation efforts – Surefire Social Enterprise was created, delivering a powerful “National to Local” marketing platform that increases leads and volume across the network.

Surefire Social continuously develops new ways to improve small business visibility and lead generation through hyperlocal marketing technology that utilizes powerful, personalized and comprehensive enterprise and SMB solutions.

Providing Turn-Key Online Marketing Solutions with Customized Websites, SEO, Social Media and Personalized Coaching

Local businesses aiming to rise above the competition need a sophisticated, all-inclusive solution that surpasses the limits of standard website technology and traditional search optimization strategies. The Surefire Difference utilizes our own proven cutting-edge technologies and marketing approaches to ensure your business’s online visibility in your market.

We focus on three important aspects of online visibility that, combined into one coordinated effort, produce a highly effective solution for online visibility. No other marketing company offers this combination of personalized content creation, website development, social media marketing and qualified coaching guaranteed to pull in leads and drive your search results to the top of major search engines.

SEO-Driven Websites

We provide mobile ready customized websites that showcase your brand and pull in leads from your local market.

  • Websites are built to attract search engine attention
  • Structured to convert quality traffic to valuable new customer leads
  • All content is viral…sharable, likeable and sendable

Powerful SEO and Social Media Platforms Encourage Client Interaction

Our SMB Visible program integrates key social media platforms and powerful SEO techniques with consistent new content customized to maximize your business’s visibility.

  • Comprehensive social media profiles and regular posting promote engagement and interaction
  • Consistent content creation and editorial planning to reflect your business voice and market conditions

Personalized Coaching and Account Management

The service that sets Surefire Social apart from the rest–dedicated coaches with the expertise to coordinate and manage each aspect of your marketing plan, while regularly reporting results.

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