Small Firms Say LinkedIn Works But Twitter Doesn’t

*+-Six out of 10 small-business owners say they believe social-media tools are valuable to their company’s growth—but most aren’t impressed by Twitter Inc. Just 3% of 835 business owners surveyed earlier this month by The Wall Street Journal and Vistage International said Twitter had the most potential to help their companies. Read more..

Your Small Business Can Master the Twitter Hashtag

*+-Have you set up your twitter account yet?  Yes?  You better have if you read our blogs regularly.  Now that you’re all set up, you may be wondering how to conquer the ever elusive hashtag (#).  You have inevitably seen words following a pound sign.  This is called a hashtag.  It allows you to categorize […]

Google+ Surpasses Twitter…at Least on Paper

*+-For years, the social media landscape has remained largely unchanged. Sure, you have things like Pinterest and Instagram popping up, but the big things for business have consistently been Marketing with Twitter and Facebook. Google+ was designed to be the Facebook killer, but it hasn’t accomplished that, not by a long-shot. What Google’s social network HAS […]