Link Building- The Golden Ticket Sites

Link building practices are going to become increasingly more important as they begin to play a larger role in search engine algorithms.  To complicate this process, not all links are going to be treated with the same weight. It has been proven that links that end with .edu and .gov are the golden tickets.  As […]

What Zig Zigler Taught Us.

Loved and sought-out motivational speaker Zig Zigler passed away yesterday at 86 years old.  Zigler inspired millions of people to be the best that they could be; in life and in business.  He emphasized that you need to employ four lessons into everything that you do and through them you will find success.  You only […]

The Top 5 Local SEO Ranking Factors

Searchmetrics recently released a white paper highlighting what the largest components in the world of US SEO ranking factors have been in 2012.  After reviewing the report, we were happy to see that Surefire Social’s local marketing experts have been ahead of the curve on the marketing research.   Many of our blog posts mirror the […]

Local Marketing Experts Agree: There’s More to Social Media Than Measuring ROI.

We’ve spoken before about the importance of analyzing your social media campaigns.  However, when we talk about analytics, we’re talking more in terms of viewership and interaction with potential leads and current customers.  Lately we’ve noticed that there’s a lot of advice being thrown around that companies must measure the ROI of their social media […]

Exclusive Webinar for Small Business Owners Looking to Increase Lead Generation by Planning for Success in 2013

Exclusive Webinar for Small Business Owners Looking to Increase Lead Generation by Planning for Success in 2013 Herndon, VA (PRWEB) November 19, 2012 Surefire Social and small business owner as well as Internet marketing expert, George Faerber, will reveal the steps to develop an effective marketing budget and plan for 2013. As marketers, we are […]

Become a Google Star with Google Authorship

Have you heard about Google Authorship?  Released in June 2011, Authorship is the latest resource that ties your content back to your Google+ profile. Google designed the program “to help people find content from great authors in search results.” But What Is It? Google Authorship is a program that allows you to link any content […]

Exponentially Increase Your Fan Base: Facebook Promoted and Sponsored Stories- Working Together.

As we talked about earlier this week, there’s been a lot of talk lately in marketing spheres about “Sponsored” and “Promoted” stories on Facebook.  What are they?  How are they different?  Do they work together? These are all valid questions being asked and researched.  Being that we talked earlier about what “Sponsored Stories” are, let’s […]

Choosing the Right Provider for Your Medical Web Design Needs

Medical practitioners know how crucial it is to establish a website so patients looking for treatments can easily find the services for which they are looking. Companies specializing in medical web design become the go-to professionals in this situation, and here’s how you can choose among them correctly: Determine Your Site’s Objectives Ask yourself what […]