Exponentially Increase Your Fan Base: Sponsored Facebook Stories

Have you noticed recently that you’re starting to see a lot more “sponsored” stories in Facebook?  Facebook has slowly been working on changing the way advertising occurs in member’s newsfeeds and many users have seen a spike in postings titled “sponsored story”. “Sponsored stories” are an advertising method many companies (large and small) are starting […]

Social Media- A Must for Small Business Marketing

As a small business owner you’ve most likely heard that social media can be a great SEO link juice driver.  Unfortunately, we often see that on their own, small businesses rarely get the large, consistent engagement their big box store competitors receive.  Here at Surefire we’ve come up with some easy solutions that you can […]

LinkedIn Announces Redesigned Profiles

by Jennifer Beese 10/16/2012 Today LinkedIn introduced redesigned profile pages that will enable you to better engage with your network. The company has been on a roll recently, introducing new features like real-time notifications and LinkedIn Endorsements, as well as redesigned Company Pages. LinkedIn rounds out a season of change with a simplified profile page design […]

Your Guide to Google’s EMD Algorithm Update

by Jayson DeMers 10/15/2012 Google has unleashed yet another algorithm as part of a series of updates that are aimed at providing users with better search results and experience. This time, Google’s update, dubbed the “EMD update,” focuses on ridding the SERPs of spammy or low-quality “exact-match” domains. Read more…

Twitter Tests Survey Feature for Advertisers

by: Annie Pilon Twitter has just announced a partnership with Nielsen to offer brands the ability to perform studies about brand awareness and the effectiveness of Twitter ads. The partnership will allow advertisers to create brief native surveys to distribute to targeted users in their Twitter network. Read more…  

Generate leads for ZERO marketing dollars: eNewsletters

Last week, Bob Sheehan gave insight to email appends. This service, offered by Surefire Social, takes lead information that your company already owns and connects the contacts with accurate email addresses.  The service typically renders a 20% success rating and is updated frequently to ensure accuracy.  Bob then went on to say that once you […]