Exponentially Increase Your Fan Base: Sponsored Facebook Stories

Have you noticed recently that you’re starting to see a lot more “sponsored” stories in Facebook?  Facebook has slowly been working on changing the way advertising occurs in member’s newsfeeds and many users have seen a spike in postings titled “sponsored story”. “Sponsored stories” are an advertising method many companies (large and small) are starting […]

Secrets to Dominating Your Market on LinkedIn (Part 1: Optimizing Your Page)

I was recently viewing profiles on LinkedIn and realized that many companies are still not optimizing their profile and making the most of their new pages. They set up a LinkedIn profile but never really put in the same scrutiny as they would for other marketing pieces. Yet, LinkedIn (like many social media platforms) continues to carry […]

Pinterest vs. Facebook: Which is REALLY the Better Visual Social Network?

by Anum Hussain 10/22/2012 Visual content has become one of the most desirable types of content — because it’s so darn easy to consume. But it’s not enough to just create beautiful, funny, engaging visual content … marketers are now wondering where the best place to promote that visual content is. Read more…

Social Media- A Must for Small Business Marketing

As a small business owner you’ve most likely heard that social media can be a great SEO link juice driver.  Unfortunately, we often see that on their own, small businesses rarely get the large, consistent engagement their big box store competitors receive.  Here at Surefire we’ve come up with some easy solutions that you can […]