The “Surefire Way”– Process, Systems and Supervised Talent!

  I came across a recent post by MarketingSherpa that shared some interesting stats in regards to how formal organizations’ positional guidelines and processes are. MarketingSherpa surveyed more than 1600 marketers as part of their Marketing Personnel Benchmark Survey, and per the chart below, larger firms came in with almost 67% reporting formal guidelines, a […]

Coming Soon – New Domain Name Extension Availability

As local business owners, you’re likely familiar with domain name extensions such as “.com”, “.net”, or “.org”. However, there are several other domain name extensions an organization can purchase if they’re available and they so choose. For example, country extensions are common, such as “.ca” in Canada and “.de” in Germany. At the same time, […]

Inbound Marketing – 94% & 85% of Marketers Report SEO & Social Media as More Important

  MarketingSherpa recently released their 2012 Inbound Marketing Handbook where more than 1500 marketers were surveyed in regards to their top inbound lead sources. The marketers were asked which inbound marketing tactics had become more vs. less important over the past 12 months.   The survey results for inbound marketing sources that have become more […]

Can Facebook Go Beyond Earned Media Success? | eMarketer

www.emarketer.com6/19/2012 Having a presence on Facebook has proven successful for marketers in several ways, and recent studies have shown the popularity and success of earned media on the site. However, a June 2012 study from Reuters and Ipsos found that only 20% of US Facebook users said they had bought products because of ads or […]

Most Popular Digital Marketing Tactics Being Used in 2012

  Chief Marketer released the results of a 2012 online survey of U.S. marketing professionals in March, and the results provide some interesting stats that help us understand the direction of digital marketing as local business owners.   As provided by eMarketer in the post, Marketers Use Growing Number of Tools to Spur Website Engagement, […]