How to Turn Social Feedback into Valuable Business Data You’ve set up your company’s Facebook Page and Twitter account, pulled together a social media team to start generating engagement, and now you’ve got a decent audience involved in conversations about your brand. Great, but where’s the real value? read more…

Only 1.3% of Fans Actively Engage on Facebook

Local Business – Only 1.3% of Fans Actively Engage on Facebook You read that title right. Of the millions and millions of users on Facebook, a new study by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute found that almost 99% of Facebook fans do not engage with the brands they follow. read more…

Google Glitch Issues: Google Place Page & Reviews

Have you noticed any issues with your local business Google Place Page recently? Or better yet, are they accessible at all? If you can access your page, is all of the information listed (like your reviews, for example)? It appears that due to a glitch on Google’s end, many businesses are finding that their Google […]

Keyword Basics for Local Business

One aspect about online media and presence is the keyword aspect of it all, and though extremely important, I find that many local business owners don’t quite understand it. When people are online searching for content of interest to them, they type certain words into search engines to try and find what it is they […]

Facebook Promotions – Create a Viral Impact for Local Business

Facebook has more than 800 million users and counting. From a local business’s perspective, it’s a global database of already connected consumers and businesses to network with and target as potential leads. Facebook also provides the opportunity for local businesses to build brand awareness, research what Facebook users (who are part of their target market) […]

Facebook = A Necessary Marketing Tool for Local Business

With the number of social media users increasing—a whopping 800 million and counting on Facebook alone—local businesses are finding that social media is a valuable networking tool to create a mega buzz and lead generating machine to take their business to the next level. Facebook is the most popular social media networking site as it […]