Increasing Sales Conversions

Just because a prospect says no to your offer/opportunity today, does that mean they’ll have the same response when the offer is presented in a different manner at a later point…or even the same fashion at a future point in time? The short answer is “no”, but let’s dig in a bit deeper. Increase Your […]

Telephone Answering Services are Helping Small Businesses

If you own a small business, I’d bet that you’ve had the “how to we reduce our expenses” conversation. You’ve probably thought about cutting your employees benefits, re-allocating your advertising budget to less expensive advertising mediums, or even streamlining jobs and having to make the tough choice to let some of your employees go. The […]

Providing Assistance During Hurricane Season – 3 Tips for Local Business

Local Businesses who have a consumer base that could use their services to prepare for a natural disaster should be getting out in front of that audience when the opportunity presents itself. For example, if you’re a home contractor, then you might want to consider providing roofing, window and siding tips and advice to help […]