5 Easy Tips for Boosting Local Business SEO with Facebook

Aside from the millions of users on Facebook that present local businesses with a large pool of potential leads and prospects, Facebook has several other benefits for local businesses, including: It’s relatively easy to use. Video and picture uploading and tagging capability. Updates and communication are instantaneous. It has a search engine built into the […]

Local Smartphone Marketing

The research continues to show many people using their smartphones to find goods and services in their own local markets: * Smartphone users have looked for local information on their mobile devices: US-90%, UK-81%, France-83%, Germany-85%, Japan-90% * And these local information seekers have taken action after looking up local content: US-87%, UK-80%, France-83%, Germany-79%, […]

Modern methods of communication

Once upon a time, communication methods were quite limited. You could ring someone on their fixed land line (and hope they would be there to answer it), you could send a fax (and trust someone would pick it up) or you could post a letter (putting its fate in the hands of the delivery services). […]

5 Things to Remember When Starting a Business

Most businesses do not make it past the first 2 years.   There are many reasons for this.  To help you get started I have put together 5 things to remember when starting a business. Funds If you leave a job to start your business you will no longer have your stable monthly salary.  No matter […]

How to Find Customers on Social Media

Short and to the point a quick Video to move you forward today. How to Find Customers on Social Media New York University Entrepreneurship Professor Jeffrey Carr offers three tips for attracting new customers through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Entrepreneur.com’s Diana Ransom reports. Planning for the real costs of Social Media Marketing How […]

Local Internet Marketing Is Still A Growth Market

First of all it is Small Local Business that is the foundation of the USA economy and most economies worldwide. When a company goes from 4 employees to 5 employees is how the economy grows and that is where most job creation takes place.  I hope the people in Government looking to stimulate the economy will […]

SEO Is Social So What To Do About It

To be effective your SEO plan has to take Social Media into account just as much as your Social Marketing has to keep factors of SEO like keyword use where you will syndicate your publishing to. Here are some current writings from around the net on this important subject: Some Practical Options…. Getting Creative With […]