5 Easy Tips for Boosting Local Business SEO with Facebook

Aside from the millions of users on Facebook that present local businesses with a large pool of potential leads and prospects, Facebook has several other benefits for local businesses, including: It’s relatively easy to use. Video and picture uploading and tagging capability. Updates and communication are instantaneous. It has a search engine built into the […]

Local Smartphone Marketing

The research continues to show many people using their smartphones to find goods and services in their own local markets: * Smartphone users have looked for local information on their mobile devices: US-90%, UK-81%, France-83%, Germany-85%, Japan-90% * And these local information seekers have taken action after looking up local content: US-87%, UK-80%, France-83%, Germany-79%, […]

Modern methods of communication

Once upon a time, communication methods were quite limited. You could ring someone on their fixed land line (and hope they would be there to answer it), you could send a fax (and trust someone would pick it up) or you could post a letter (putting its fate in the hands of the delivery services). […]

5 Things to Remember When Starting a Business

Most businesses do not make it past the first 2 years.   There are many reasons for this.  To help you get started I have put together 5 things to remember when starting a business. Funds If you leave a job to start your business you will no longer have your stable monthly salary.  No matter […]