Defining the ‘Social’ in Social Media – It’s More than Just Facebook

Social media is getting a lot of attention and hype from individuals and local business owners alike, and for good reason. Facebook, for one, has changed the way we communicate on a global level, and this change in personal communication has impacted how businesses now communicate and market to their consumer audience. In addition, with […]

Email for Local Business – It’s Still Booming

Despite what some business experts have expressed in the past about email marketing becoming obsolete, turns out statistics show email is still a viable means to market local business. Maybe it was the advent of social media, popularity of text messaging, or the overwhelming number of spam emails that went straight to trash that was […]

Does Your Local Business Landing Page Make Consumers Anxious?

Landing page optimization; three words with which many local business owners are familiar. But how many local business owners truly take into account all variables that impact online traffic and webpage optimization? In our experience, not as many as you may think. As local business owners, we often consider how to boost search engine rankings […]