Local Internet Marketing – 5 Tips to Designing a Lead Generating Website

Having a beautifully designed website is a fantastic way to represent your local business’ brand throughout the local internet marketing community, but bold colors, stylish graphics, and interactive design elements will only get your local internet marketing business so far. As a local internet marketing business, your website is the “home base” of your business […]

Local Internet Marketing – 7 Tips to Get Prospects and Customers to ‘Opt-In’

Our clients are always looking for ways to boost local Internet marketing leads and sales, and one way we encourage them to do this is by getting prospects and current customers to sign up for their email marketing campaigns. And regardless as to what some might say, email marketing is not a dead market. In […]

Local Business Marketing: 3 Tips to Keeping Your Reputation on the “Up and Up”

Recently, we’ve had more and more clients and prospects come to us with local business marketing and online reputation management concerns—bad reviews have been posted about their local businesses and it’s damaging their reputation within the online community. This post reveals the top 3 secret strategies to diluting negative business reviews around the Internet.