Break a Leg: Generating Local Business Buzz with Online Video Marketing

With the introduction of the world wide web, video recording has taken on an entirely new meaning. This increasingly popular online “trend” has left us looking for our smart phone or flip camera in hopes of catching some sort of viral footage that will become the next “Charlie bit my Finger”- an Internet sensation overnight. These viral videos are great for a good laugh (view after view after view…), but more importantly, they have established one key element all local business owners are looking for: traffic.

Video Presentation: Breakthrough Mobile Marketing Strategies for Local Lead Generation

By 2013, mobile devices will become the device of choice for the online community, blowing desktop PC’s out of the water. Your business needs to become an active part of the mobile market…before it’s too late! Watch our exclusive webinar presentation to learn how to create a surefire mobile marketing strategy that will prepare your local business for the future of lead generation!

Social Search Meets Local Internet Marketing – Success or Backfire?

Our clients are always looking for new ways to boost their local Internet marketing search results. Social media is one aspect of a local Internet marketing plan that we help businesses utilize to the fullest. At the same time, there are some questions as to how effective social media can be for a business, so it’s important to understand social media and how it works to maximize the potential benefits it can bring.