How to Plan a Surefire Local Business Marketing Strategy…On a Budget

Are you a small, locally owned business that understands the important of an appropriate and accurate local business marketing strategy for your online and offline outreach efforts, but you’re not quite sure how to establish a realistic budget? Or do you find that you’ve put a lot of energy into a local business marketing budget just to end up broke with no new prospective customers?

3 Key Steps to Off Page SEO for Local Business Marketing

Off page SEO optimization factors account for 75% of your websites weight in authority on popular search engine results. Your website’s authority is directly related to the number of inbound links to your web pages and the authority of the web linking to you, thus, making inbound links an essential part of your online visibility. Sounds pretty simple, huh? Well, it can be if you follow these 3 key steps to off site optimization, that will lead your local business down the path to only domination in your niche.