Hootsuite Video Tutorial for Social Media Networking

Hootsuite is one of the hottest social media networking dashboards on the Internet. For those of you members who have caught on to the trend, and purchased our Social Media package, here is a great video tutorial that will take you step by step through the Hootsuite dashboard and how to use it to increase your businesses online visibility.

Video: Contractors Guide to Facebook Business Pages

With more than 3 million active pages on Facebook, there is no way your business can stand a chance. In order to make the slightest footprint in the Facebook community, your business needs to take that extra leap to attract followers and drive traffic to your site. This video gives you the secrets to using the tools Facebook has to offer to increase your lead generation efforts.

Video: How Contractors Use SEO to Increase Your Internet Marketing ROI

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has the ability to drive your website to the top of popular search engines, driving an enormous amount of traffic to your site, and increasing the financial return on investment of your business. This video guide takes you through the financial outcome of SEO for professionals in the Home Improvement Contractor industry and the impact website optimization can have on lead generation efforts.

Video: The Keys to Maintaining an Accurate Online Business Identity

Any savvy business owner knows the importance of your professional online identity. Incorrect information in online directories and professional networks can give your business an inconsistent reputation, and can severely hurt the ranking of your website and other networks. This video tutorial will show you how to maintain an accurate online identity for your business and drive quality traffic to your website and business location.