Thankful For The New Normal

I am thankful for a ton of things this holiday. Funny thing is in the midst of this great recession I started a business, crazy right? Think about this.  The media and marketing economy is in the biggest state of disruption since the invention of the radio.  With over 10% unemployment, finding great people is […]

5 Powerful Twitter Tools For A Business Marketing Boost

Everyone knows Twitter can be a great business building vehicle…we get reminded every day in email promotions, seminars, webinars and just about every other medium you can think of. We are literally inundated with new products and services for Twitter every day. The issue with Twitter is it’s a double sided opportunity. You can quickly […]

Is Social Media Marketing Trading Time For Money?

Lot’s of discussions going on around the Internet and in business meetings about how much time should be spent on social media marketing and how should that time be allocated.  A very active discussion is taking place at Chris Brogans blog where he postulates the framework of two hours a day broken down like this: […]

Email Marketing Is Going Social

Engaging tartet customers in your content and getting viral traction is one of the tougher aspects of marketing in the social web. As social marketing continues to mature and mainstream, new tools are constantly emerging to help make this task easier. Share-to-Social is the next generation of the ‘forward-to-a-friend’ forms found on many websites and […]

Your Fabulous! So How Does Your Business Get Found So Others Know

Guy Kawasaki had a terrific insight the other day about getting found in the increasingly competitive, distributed web. Every day internet marketing is getting tougher because consumers of content are getting more and more control over what they see.  Understanding search behavior in the distributed web is the key to success. Getting found by Google, […]

Business Marketing: Optimizing For Humans And Machines

Marketing in the “new normal” means optimizing your messaging for both humans and machines.  That’s right, you heard me right.  Before you call out the Terminators let me explain. Marketing in the distributed web provides a much larger footprint to find and engage  potential customers.  The other big benefit is that every piece of content […]

Business Marketing Strategies That Are Guaranteed To Work

Here’s a quick idea that some business marketers in highly competitive categories often overlook.  Look carefully at what your top competitors are doing and examine what seems to be working.  How would you know? How long is their campaign running? If it is more than a few months guaranteed they are getting a return on […]

CDC Uses Social Media To Tackle The Swine Flu

If you ever wondered whether social media is becoming a mainstream communications platform this may be your tipping point. Fact is that to help educate and inform the public about this nasty virus (and many other communications needs), the CDC turned to social media and Web 2.0 applications. Why? The same reason your business should.  […]

Business Marketing Today: We Need A New Tool Chest

In Mastermind groups and client meetings I’ve noticed two things. First, most companies (by the time we actually meet them) acknowledge and embrace the changing marketing landscape.  They get it…and are eager to learn how to adapt before competitors. Second, the first instinct is to use old techniques in a new paradigm. I see it […]