Digital Forensics: Reverse Engineering The Digital Footprint To Win On The New Web

One of the most overlooked opportunities for winning the SEO/social media marketing game today is research.  The great thing about our new digital world is your customers and competitors leave a digital footprint that you can examine to better target your marketing campaign. Think about it.  With a little reverse engineering, you can find out […]

Super Powerful Search Feature Added

Don’t know what something is, [firstname]? Just search for it! We have completely revamped the built in search features of the Total Access club so that they bring you highly relevent content for searches that you perform on our site. So if you don’t know what something is, or you’d like to learn about a […]

Social Media Marketing Planning: What To Do First?

We kicked off our Mastermind group last night for the Surefire Social “Contractor Edition”, it was terrific.  These business owners are the cream of the crop…they are serious about running and growing their businesses. That is why they spend time and resources on education and training for themselves and their people. One of the most […]

Lesson 2: The Process Of Developing Your Website

Website development is a huge profit-driven industry, but unfortunately, there are a lot of scams out there and we want to make sure that you are not effected by them Video 2 of this module goes through the framework you need to build a solid, optimized site. Now you can begin to map out your own “home base” and avoid getting taken advantage of.  Remember: Knowledge is power when it comes to building your businesses website.

Lesson 1: Keyword Structure and Dynamic Publishing

Now that you have your blog situated and flowing, it is time to drive leads to your home base. Don’t have a home base or website? Well no problem, video 1 of module 4 spends time going over website structure and strategies to linking your blog to your website. These two areas must work together in order to increase traffic to your site and generate more leads for your business.

Lesson 5: Yahoo Site Explorer and SEO Book

In video 5, you are about to see a live demonstration of how to evaluate your competitor’s rankings and presence online. Using Yahoo! Site Explorer and SEO Book’s plugin, you can easily locate your industry competitors and find out everything your business needs to know to dominate your market. Hurry and watch this video…the longer you wait, the more catching up you will have to do…

The Importance Of Workflow For Social Media

Implementing a comprehensive social media marketing program can seem overwhelming for any organization.  Keeping up with content development, blogging, posting and the buzz in your industry is tough while you try to run your business. Integrating a common bookmarking system with common tag structure is a terrific way to keep everyone in the loop while […]

Featured Interview: Edison Guzman

Edison Guzman founded and maintains Hudson Valley Business Network is a local social media network which allows business professionals to network with each other. Edison is a fantastic case study of leveraging social media techniques to promote local businesses.

Lesson 6: Promoting Your Blog

As you have already learned, a blog is only successful as the amount of people who are paying attention to its posts. Writing solid, informational content that gives your readers valuable information is key to generating more traffic to your blog. This video gives you some fantastic linking strategies and cross-promotional techniques to getting your name out in the blogosphere and driving people to your posts.

Lesson 5: Syndicating Your Blog Content

You may have already heard of an “RSS” feed, but have no idea what it is. This video will help you set up an RSS feed for your blog, using simple Wordpress plugins, so that your blog followers are able to subscribe to your blog posts, receiving them INSTANTLY over any RSS reader. This video contains information essential to running a successful blog that drives loads of traffic to your site.

Lesson 3: Getting Started With Your Blog

Now that you know how to organize your content, lets start posting. Check out this video to find out the steps to creating your self-hosted Wordpress blog. No need to be nervous, we suggest using Wordpress because of its “user-friendly” platform and extremely easy to navigate – even for the non-technical individual.

Don’t have time to set up your Wordpress blog? Need some help? StudioPress offers a special discount rate for all Surefire Social members. Interested? Watch the video to find out more!