Digital Forensics: Reverse Engineering The Digital Footprint To Win On The New Web

One of the most overlooked opportunities for winning the SEO/social media marketing game today is research.  The great thing about our new digital world is your customers and competitors leave a digital footprint that you can examine to better target your marketing campaign. Think about it.  With a little reverse engineering, you can find out […]

Super Powerful Search Feature Added

Don’t know what something is, [firstname]? Just search for it! We have completely revamped the built in search features of the Total Access club so that they bring you highly relevent content for searches that you perform on our site. So if you don’t know what something is, or you’d like to learn about a […]

Social Media Marketing Planning: What To Do First?

We kicked off our Mastermind group last night for the Surefire Social “Contractor Edition”, it was terrific.  These business owners are the cream of the crop…they are serious about running and growing their businesses. That is why they spend time and resources on education and training for themselves and their people. One of the most […]